A food ordering web application. This app was taken a step further by incorporating Twilio SMS for text message notifications for the customer and the owner.

Head to the link below to view the presentation of our app during the July 11th Cohort midterm presentations at LHL!

Head to the Video!


Are you busy working on that midterm or final and don't have time to stand in line waiting to order food? Do you know any better way? YES! Okee-Dok-Eats!

simple gif of usage of the app


Okee-dok-eats was built using Node, jQuery, Twillio, Express and SASS. Using a postgreSQL Database.


Managing the user's cart was a difficult task! We ended up deciding to build a new object with its own methods that would allow quick removal and updating of items in the cart. In the future, it would be great to migrate this to a more robust implementation, involving error handling and type checking. Working as a team and managing git conflicts was vital, in the future an open line of communication is critical to success!