Taste of SaigonCodeLive


A restaurant marketing page where visitors can see the menu, hours of operation and address. All content is editable in Sanity Studio.


I wanted to build a site for a local restaurant as they were currently using FaceBook for marketing and I saw an opportunity. They decided to not proceed, it was a great learning experience for me!

Sanity studio view. Data modeled via CMS view


Nextjs with TypeScript. Sanity and Sanity Studio. Both deployed to the same URL. Meaning to change the content in the studio, you simply head to the URL/studio


Creating the embedded studio was as simple as ever with the starter template.

Using the same pattern as previous I created a responsive header with a dropdown layout navigation menu on mobile. This time around I created multiple components per file. This was a great relief during refactoring as it was much easier to understand the full scope of a given component. For example, the Navbar now contained navLinks and mobileMenu, rather than splitting those out into separate files I knew that everything related to the Navbar was in one file. What a relief!